Diet Program


The State of Tennessee has produced a set of regulations surrounding the use of prescription medications for weight loss and diet control. We have designed a program that complies with these regulations and provides a means where individuals can safely use powerful and effective medications to lose weight safely. These medications, along with proper diet and regular exercise offer almost anyone a great chance to be successful in achieving their weight goal.



At the first visit a brief medical exam is performed.
Blood work is obtained at the office or an individual may provide blood work that is less than 6 months old and must include the following:


These blood tests help to find any medical problems that promote weight gain and obesity. They also provide an indication of the individuals baseline health status. The patient will view a DVD providing information about the program. (The DVD may be viewed from our website to shorten the initial visit). A visit will be made with either Dr. Drake or Katina England Jones PAC for the physical examinations and to determine the most appropriate weight loss medication to be used. After the exam, your weight loss goals will be determined to insure appropriate expectations and that will meet all State of TN criteria to participate in the program. The appropriate medication is prescribed/dispensed (we offer some medications in our office).


Subsequent visits are performed monthly and will include weight, blood pressure, review of weight loss goal and progress, answering of questions, brief medical exam, and diet and exercise. Once an individual has lost 30 pounds, additional blood work is drawn. This helps determine the individual’s health status and is compared to the baseline blood work drawn at the initial visit. The next months’ medication is prescribed/dispensed at the end of the visit.


Visits are monthly. We have a 2-week “grace period” during which a person may come in for their follow-up visit. After the grace period, a patient must restart the program in order to participate. This helps to insure compliance and keep the program within the state of Tennessee guidelines.