Industrial Medicine



Our office provides evaluation and follow-up visits for worker’s compensation injuries of many types. Lacerations, back sprains, joint and tendon injuries, eye and hand injuries are just a few of the types of problems we evaluate and treat. Appointments are made through company representatives and we provide same day services whenever possible. We arrange all follow-up services, including imaging studies, physical therapy or specialty referrals as needed with clear communication to the employer.


Employers differ greatly as to their requirements in getting an injured employee back to work. We try to balance the employers need for the employees’ services with the safety of the employee and provide clear communication between the employee, employer, and the insurance company at all stages of the treatment plan.



Screening tests for substances of abuse are available at several levels.
Rapid urine screens can provide a negative (passing) test in moments, thus allowing a worker to immediately return to duty. Positive (failing) tests are sent to a reference lab for confirmation and requires 24-48 hours.

Chain-of-custody urine drug screens. These specimens are collected at our office and a nationally certified lab performs testing. These tests, when properly performed, can be presented in court in case of litigation.
Hair follicle testing provides screening for several drugs of abuse; these tests offer a longer window to “look back” at drug usage.

Alcohol breathalyzers are offered at this office. We are the only facility locally that provides this test. We have a certified breathalyzer technician to provide this service.
On site testing is available for any company who desires on-site random testing. They can contact our office manager to make arrangements. Confidentiality is guaranteed.
Pre-employment, post accident and random drug testing is available.



Dr. Drake is a certified Medical Review Officer (MRO). He has taken additional training to be certified nationally by the American Academy of Medical Review Officers (AAMRO) and is currently the only certified MRO in White County. He is able to supervise and certify all drug testing in our office or at work sites. He is able to provide appropriate information and defense of testing procedures and testify in court, if necessary, as part of the MRO services.




Pre-employment physicals are available and can be modified to the specific needs of the employer. A range of additional tests can be utilized including cardiovascular fitness, (EKG & Air Force Step Test), respiratory fitness (Pulmonary Function Test), auditory status (detailed hearing screening), grip strength (dynamometer), back/leg strength (Lift testing), and neurologic fitness (Balance and proprioception).

Post accident and return to work fitness testing is also available.


We are constantly seeking ways to improve our services to the business community. We attempt to tailor these services to fit the unique requirements of each employer. We provide clear communication and forecast expected work status, regarding the worker, to the employer within the uncertainty of medical issues. We will make every effort to communicate with the appropriate parties involved in the process and welcome feedback at any time.